Different Note-Taking Methods-pros, cons, and how-tos

I think we’ve all been there: we make our notes for class, hoping that they’ll help us during our looming exams only to look back at them and realise, wow these are useless and change our style for the eighth time this year…Don’t worry, I’ve got you. As someone who used to change her note-takingContinue reading “Different Note-Taking Methods-pros, cons, and how-tos”

How I Prepare For Finals

Hello Lovely Human! I have been crazily busy in the last week or so between family drama, school, assignments, NaNoWriMo Prep, and you know looming finals… So how do I, a royal member of the court of procrastination-a girl who gets bored and distracted so easily that she started cutting her hair in one ofContinue reading “How I Prepare For Finals”