Perhaps You Should Plot Your Novel

Maybe you’re the type of person who thinks that plotting the perfect solution to ninety per cent of your writing woes and you love it! Or maybe you’re the type to feel that plotting is a demonic and soul-crushing activity or perhaps you’re neutral. Well two years ago I was neutral and far closer toContinue reading “Perhaps You Should Plot Your Novel”

Types of Writers: Precise Plotters, Playful Pansters & Awesome Hybrids

When you think of the types of writers our first thoughts probably go to people who either hide their insanity well and those who don’t but the fact remains the same, that at some point or another have to decide what we’re going to type out onto our page. Our methods of doing it mayContinue reading “Types of Writers: Precise Plotters, Playful Pansters & Awesome Hybrids”

A Writer’s Note on Writing: What Writing Is

Let’s just admit it: writing is hard. No matter if you’re writing on a deadline or can take the next year and a half writing your book on and off it’s still hard. Especially if you’re working a 9 to 5 or working an 8 to 1 (AKA school plus your time spent on homework,Continue reading “A Writer’s Note on Writing: What Writing Is”