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Different Note-Taking Methods-pros, cons, and how-tos

I think we’ve all been there: we make our notes for class, hoping that they’ll help us during our looming exams only to look back at them and realise, wow these are useless and change our style for the eighth time this year…Don’t worry, I’ve got you. As someone who used to change her note-taking…

Three Strategies To Plan Your Schedule & Why Each Work

You’ll often get productivity advice telling you to get your most challenging or most unpleasant task done first; Crape Diem. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen this advice or crashed and burned with it. And so today I thought that I would share three ways to organise your schedule and why each…

Weekly Planning to Balance School & Life

Hello Lovely Human! Welcome back to The Labyrinth life or if you’re new then welcome! In this post, I’ll be talking about how I plan my week to balance school (homework, assignments, studying), with blogging and writing because let’s face it if you let it school or work can be incredibly suffocating. Deciding What To…

Life is A Very Confusing Road-Especially if You’re Neurodivergent

Life is confusing for everyone. Life is especially confusing if you have a neurodivergence. Like ADHD for example. Like me. And no, having a disability does in no way, shape or form make anyone lesser or weaker. And also, no the word disability is no longer one of such a negative connotation, the reason being…


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I’m Belle a girl who’s convinced that I belong to a fictional world out there but got stuck in reality instead. I’m trying to write my own reality with my own pen. I believe in fighting for worthy causes and for me that means total gender equality, the environment and overall equality for everyone. I’m obsessed with goals and more importantly words so thank you for stumbling into my blog! I hope you enjoy it.

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