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How To Make Your New Good Habits Stick (and Break Your Bad Ones)

Hello Lovely Human! Let’s face the ugly truth, shall we? We all have bad habits that follow us into every new year and good habits that we just can’t seem to stick to even with colour coded, laminated schedules. Luckily for both of us, behavioural science will have us achieving all these things with simpleContinue reading “How To Make Your New Good Habits Stick (and Break Your Bad Ones)”

Using Essentialism to Make My Goals Matter

I have a question for you: have you ever gotten addicted to being busy? Because it feels so good to be busy and it makes you feel important? But then at the end of the day, you realise that you’re not closer to your goals, despite all those ticks? Enter Essentialism.

Fillers vs Fluff: What makes them different and When to use them?

In my latest post: How To Avoid Filler Chapters we looked at ways to focus on the parts of the story that matter instead of filler pieces. I ended that post by saying that fluff and fillers were two very different things and today I am going to be explaining why and when I use them.


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I’m Belle a girl who’s convinced that I belong to a fictional world out there but got stuck in reality instead. I’m trying to write my own reality with my own pen. I believe in fighting for worthy causes and for me that means total gender equality, the environment and overall equality for everyone. I’m obsessed with goals and more importantly words so thank you for stumbling into my blog! I hope you enjoy it.

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