Getting Into The Writing Mood

There are days when it feels as though our muse has up and left us and we’re destined to be cursed with the wrong words, terrible flow and blank pages forevermore but likely that’s never the case and our muse returns sooner or later. But we want sooner so here are my ways of getting into the writing mood and making sure that I am facing a terrifying dragon instead of at my desk.

Mood Music

I always create playlists for my W.I.P. as I go through or before the outlining process because I like to play these songs as I write scenes.  I find that it helps trigger the emotions and mood of the scene. Think of how you want the scene to feel and look for a song in your current playlists (or almost anywhere really) that matches the mood, be it lyrical music or instrumental. 
I do recommend using your current playlists to get the music first as you’ll have an emotional connection to the song and it will probably serve the purpose even better.

#2: Ambient sounds

For this  one, I’m not going to beat around the bush:
You can search anything from Ravenclaw Common Room to a stormy ocean or forest sounds, perhaps a dystopian city.  It’s the perfect way to set the scene.  The cherry on top is that it’s all completely customisable so that you really can make it your own.

#3: Have A Writing Routine

The same way that a morning routine will help you wake up and get ready to slay the day or an evening routine will help you wind down and relax by signalling to your body that it’s time to do something a writing routine will help you get ready to write.

I’m trying to implement a writing routine that works for me. I make myself a cup of hot English tea, put my hair up the loosest bun I can and change out of uncomfortable or school clothes. Then I play some music, crack open my outlines and write.

I also only use the desk in my room for writing, it’s my little writing nook and I feel like that really helps.

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