A Writer’s Note on Writing: What Writing Is

Let’s just admit it: writing is hard. No matter if you’re writing on a deadline or can take the next year and a half writing your book on and off it’s still hard. Especially if you’re working a 9 to 5 or working an 8 to 1 (AKA school plus your time spent on homework, studying, assignments and panic attacks.) And that can make it incredibly hard to write-or just find the motivation to write.

If you remember why we write, why you write suddenly it seems a whole lot easier so here are some reasons why we writers write.

Our Own Control Room

When we write, we escape into a clearer, more magical bit of our minds where we’re in complete control over who wins and loses, who gets their heart broken and who does the heart breaking-heck we get to choose who lives and who dies! You can’t have that control, in that way anywhere else.

Expressions, Emotions, Opinions…

You’re probably writing your specific story for a reason, you couldn’t get the image of the lead out of your head, you’ve had a plot poking you for months, you have to tell your story, your message, you needed a place to feel…

Writing means having pages and pages where you can express yourself through plot twists and character arcs and themes, in any way you want.

Your Readers

When you think of a stunning plot twist you can’t tell me you don’t think of how the reader is going to look, how they’ll cry or scream or squeal. When you’ve woven your theme into your story and you think of how it’s going to touch someone’s life or how your readers are going to intensely be shipping characters and drawing them and quoting them feels amazing. ‘Cause, you can give someone all those feels, all those experiences.

What Writing Feels Like

Do you know that feeling of being so wrapped up in your scene that everything melts away, you forget that you’re typing and you’re in some far off place, in someone else’s skin, with no memory of who you are or even that you exist? And then when you finish you look up, blink and bang, you’ve written something, something that’s amazing, something you can edit and build on. But you have no memory of writing, you the memory of your villain’s voice and your protagonist’s face…

You Enjoy It

I’m willing to bet the part about writing that you could live without is the starting to write because once you do, you don’t want to stop. You feel truly happy when you write, and if you don’t maybe take a break, work on something else and remember that you’re writing for yourself.

Why do you write? Do you relate to any of these? Lemme know!

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